Clinical Scenario
It’s 7 pm on Christmas day, a 32 yo woman refers palpitations since the morning. I was with my frends yesterday nigth, I think I had drank a bit too much. I Hate Christmas, it brings me down.
She’s awake, alert and oriented, her mood is low. Vital signs are normal,  EKG shows a sinus rhythm.
 I’m sure it’s nothing but this damn holidays…


There is any clinical relationship between arrhytmias and holidays or acute assumption of alcholic drinks, furthermore lonely heart can’t rule out a sick heart.
Marry Xmas to all our readers! Please be happy!
Ilenia e Ciro
P. Thavendiranathan
AJ. Barsky
Ann Intern Med 2001 May 1 134 (Pt 2) 832-7.

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