It’s 3.00 am when a 55 yo man is accompained to the ED by his wife because of sudden onset precordial pain, he has not clinical history, he does not smoke and he has an active life style, you find a normal blood pressure and clinical examination and a normal ECG, but the pain is severe and continuos. The patient start sweating, and you too. You give morfine and start thinking about….AORTA! you don’t find any pulse difference, but your feeling increases, how can you explain your feeling to the radiologist? 
Can something else help you to rule-out aortic dissection….
The presence of pulse deficits or focal neurological deficits increases the likelihood of an acute thoracic aortic dissection in the appropriate clinical setting. Conversely, a completely normal chest radiograph result or the absence of pain of sudden onset lowers the likelihood. Overall, however, the clinical examination is insufficiently sensitive to rule out aortic dissection given the high morbidity of missed diagnosis.
A negative D-dimer (<500) can rule-out an aortic dissection.
Unfortunately a positive test does not give any additional chance to persuade radiologist…
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Ilenia Spallino

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